Genre Finity operates with the aim to develop and provide personal management to the actor’s career, especially those who are determined to break into international markets. We strive to represent our actors within the film, commercial, theater, radio and creative industries.

Our primary focus is to provide a personal representation of actors for the movie and television industry. Members of our agency have been casting in various television series, commercials, music videos, and forms. Our casting background has given us direct relationships with various directors, producers, and network executes across the nation.

Genre Finity fulfills the needs of our clients and continues to exceed their expectations with both personal and professional concern. From national commercials to stage plays and film projects, Genre Finity’s team is a complete network of professionals in the industry.

For example, the producer calls us to say he needs a young child female who can sing a lullaby tune. He also needs a female to fit the role of the mother. We release the notice to our agents, and they send us photos and resumes that would fit the description.

With nearly hundreds of inspiring actors in the industry, nearly two at most are hired for a project. As you can see, talent management plays a substantial role in any actor’s life.

Our management represents experienced actors as well as children, teens and young adults. Please note that Genre Finity does not offer representation to children those three years of age or individuals without accredited training.

If you are interested in working with us, we invite you to schedule a VTR with us for consideration. For review in representation, please provide us with your headshots, resume, music, demo reel, audio tracks and contact information for us to review.

All applicants are reviewed by our team as each application will receive a reply if accepted by invitation.