Three tips on promoting your personal brand online

Looking to build a personal brand? Using online platforms is an excellent way to develop an online identity and establish a reputation that will help you stand out in your industry.

Here are three tips on promoting your personal brand online.

Define Your Target Audience

The best practice to building your personal brand online is to identify your target audience. Establish empathy with your target audience and identify how you would gain interest and solve their problems. The best way is to experience this in person, blog comments and social media. Before you can build your brand, you will need to know who the name is meant to attract. With a simple focus, you can improve traffic and add more sources – ultimately improving results.

Build Up Your Online Assets

Building a personal brand online requires you to communicate your brand to your target audience. Build assets like your own blog or website along with social media accounts. Keep regular Facebook updates and feature unique blog posts. Use unique names to help you stand out.

Get Free Press Coverage

Gaining press coverage can help establish you as an authority. Check out the current trends to see what is happening and find a connection between the topic and your expertise. Make your pitch as an expert and display a different opinion than the common thought. Do a free seminar or write an article for a magazine, just stay creative.

When it comes to promoting your personal brand online, create your profile on multiple platforms and stick with a consistent look. Make your impact and get involved with conversation in social media. Being active will help you gain exposure and claim authority in your niche.

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