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With a hand-picked selected roster, we are able to stay committed to developing high-quality talents in a more personalized atmosphere

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What we do

Our primary focus is to provide a personal representation of actors for the movie and television industry

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How to make yourself more valuable when competing for a role?

With nearly hundreds of actors with multiple levels of experience compete for the same role, it can be an uncomfortable experience that may also cause you to question your goals as an actor. Many might argue that competition in the entertainment industry is a fundamental part of success. Granted, these hardships and elements are what drive us to create a source of motivation for ourselves.

Here’s how to make yourself more valuable when competing for a role.

Create Your Own Material


Actors who have received many parts gained the interest of their producers by creating their own content. Produce your own music, play, stand-up comedy, perform a skit, make YouTube videos, create a web series, etc. all of which have helped actors achieve success by creating a secure platform for themselves.

Attend Drama School


While many actors were successful without attending drama school, having proper training will add more value to your acting schools and help convince directors that you’ve had enough training. Keep in mind that there are nearly six establishments that offer quality training, including RADA, Central, and Lamda to name a few.

Get an Agent


A great agent will advertise you as an actor. You will still have to audition for an agent the same way as you would at an audition. Keep in mind that agents receive tons of applications, so you must pass the initial scrutiny and make yourself stand out from the crown.

Pitch Yourself


Casting directors want to see actors that are fit the part. Keep in mind that pitching yourself for a role means you must be right for it from the start. This is often the scariest option but could be worth your while.

Believe it or not – show business is a tiny industry. If you plan to audition for a role that you are surely not right for, you will waste both yours and the producer’s time.

Three tips on promoting your personal brand online

Looking to build a personal brand? Using online platforms is an excellent way to develop an online identity and establish a reputation that will help you stand out in your industry.

Here are three tips on promoting your personal brand online.

Define Your Target Audience

The best practice to building your personal brand online is to identify your target audience. Establish empathy with your target audience and identify how you would gain interest and solve their problems. The best way is to experience this in person, blog comments and social media. Before you can build your brand, you will need to know who the name is meant to attract. With a simple focus, you can improve traffic and add more sources – ultimately improving results.

Build Up Your Online Assets

Building a personal brand online requires you to communicate your brand to your target audience. Build assets like your own blog or website along with social media accounts. Keep regular Facebook updates and feature unique blog posts. Use unique names to help you stand out.

Get Free Press Coverage

Gaining press coverage can help establish you as an authority. Check out the current trends to see what is happening and find a connection between the topic and your expertise. Make your pitch as an expert and display a different opinion than the common thought. Do a free seminar or write an article for a magazine, just stay creative.

When it comes to promoting your personal brand online, create your profile on multiple platforms and stick with a consistent look. Make your impact and get involved with conversation in social media. Being active will help you gain exposure and claim authority in your niche.

 Infographic created by: www.bootcampdigital.com

Infographic created by: www.bootcampdigital.com

6 reasons why only a few actors are paid millions per year

While many of us dream of becoming movie stars grossing at nearly million of dollars each year, in reality, that’s far the average actor. In fact, most film actors still struggle to pay their bills as thy go through long periods of unemployment. Many even take non-acting jobs just to pay rent.

Here are six reasons why only a few actors are paid millions per year.


Take Tom Cruise for instance. Studios believe they’ll earn more money with him than without him. This provides the opportunity to ask for more as he is one of the top actors in demand. If he asks to pay 90 million dollars, the studio thinks if they give him want he wants, they will gain about 500 million in profit.

They’re in Demand

Despite how terrible a film may be people will also watch a movie with their favorite stars. Once the audience doesn’t find them as attractive as they once were, the money started to decrease or stop entirely.

Depends on the profit of the show or money

Even TV actors may earn close to the top movie stars. The rationale is that the show is generating a ton of views which means more money. This allows actors to demand more as those starring in the TV hit series The Big Bang Theory or Friends have asked for nearly $1 million per episode.

Great Appearances

Let’s face it – most, if not all top highest paid actors are generally good looking. Due to their talent and good looks, they were able to sell millions in ticket sells and generate income.

The Salary doesn’t just go to the actor

If say, Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr. earns 100 million dollars for a single film, that’s not the salary for just the actor. It is rather separated within the production company of the actor. For most high paid movie stars, their team usually includes nearly 100 people that make up the brand. From managers, publicists, trainers, attorneys, assistances, security, etc. the whole team is involved. Actors like Tom Cruise have a diversified portfolio that is used to maximize on his investment.

They’re highly recognized

Most people only see films because they recognize their faces and name. Because of this, those recognizable faces are paid higher as they will surely big in more profit than a no-name actor.

The average successful actor earns an estimated amount of $48,000 a year in the United States. Just like every other employee, one’s salary is based on what someone is willing to pay them.

Making the Most out of Customized Shirts

Customized shirts have made their way to the mainstream consumer markets. People have finally found a way to feed their desires for a customized fashion item that represents their true artistry. To some, this may sound a bit too much but for those who feel like their fashion style has evolved to a level that you want to be at the forefront of designing the items that you wear than the option to customize designs for your shirt or anything that you can wear comes as the perfect answer.

coffee t shirt

There are many ways a customized shirt can be maximized. This is a technology that is available to the current generation and a luxury that the older generations did not get to enjoy their youth. Here’s how you can make the most out of this personalized craze.

Use it to Make a Statement

“I am Pro-Breastfeeding” or “I support Gay Marriage” could be the words that are printed on your customized T-shirt. Whatever cause you want to support or whatever message you want to send out, you can do so by having it printed on a shirt that you can wear in public. Customized shirts allow you to voice out your opinion without opening your mouth all the time.

Get one with your Friends

Whether you are a member of a team who supports a common interest or simply the best of friends, you can solidify the bond that connects you by getting matching customized shirts. The more important thing than just getting matching shirts is the identity that these customized designs give the group and each of its members. You can create your own t-shirt and make your group stand out.

Discover the Artist in you

Many artists in the past have not been able to express themselves to the fullest because there did not many option to do so. Today, every artist has every means of allowing their art to be expressed and shared. If you have not found the type of artist that you are yet, a good way to start finding it is to try and design your shirt. Get yourself on the drawing board and get your artistic juices flowing out of your hand and into print.

There are many trends that come and go which defines an era. Being able to have control on your fashion sense is the hallmark of this generation and everyone who has the chance to must seize the moment and make the most out of it.