How to make yourself more valuable when competing for a role?

With nearly hundreds of actors with multiple levels of experience compete for the same role, it can be an uncomfortable experience that may also cause you to question your goals as an actor. Many might argue that competition in the entertainment industry is a fundamental part of success. Granted, these hardships and elements are what drive us to create a source of motivation for ourselves.

Here’s how to make yourself more valuable when competing for a role.

Create Your Own Material


Actors who have received many parts gained the interest of their producers by creating their own content. Produce your own music, play, stand-up comedy, perform a skit, make YouTube videos, create a web series, etc. all of which have helped actors achieve success by creating a secure platform for themselves.

Attend Drama School


While many actors were successful without attending drama school, having proper training will add more value to your acting schools and help convince directors that you’ve had enough training. Keep in mind that there are nearly six establishments that offer quality training, including RADA, Central, and Lamda to name a few.

Get an Agent


A great agent will advertise you as an actor. You will still have to audition for an agent the same way as you would at an audition. Keep in mind that agents receive tons of applications, so you must pass the initial scrutiny and make yourself stand out from the crown.

Pitch Yourself


Casting directors want to see actors that are fit the part. Keep in mind that pitching yourself for a role means you must be right for it from the start. This is often the scariest option but could be worth your while.

Believe it or not – show business is a tiny industry. If you plan to audition for a role that you are surely not right for, you will waste both yours and the producer’s time.

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