Metal Shears: Metal Cutting Tools

The metal shear is a very useful tool in metal processing. By using different metal shears, you are able to cut various metallic products such as sheets are. Any of these shears should be able to cut steel, copper, brass, bronze or aluminum. Besides these materials, the metal shears can be successfully used to cut different sheets of plastic and some other hard materials. Unlike other cutting devices, the metal shears present square blade edge features that add durability and strength.

Why Do You Need Metal Shears?

Below you are able to find the most important reasons why you should use these special tools whenever you need to cut metal.

  • One obvious reason is that a regular shear cannot replace the metal shear. Regular shear’s blades are not sharpened to cut metal and besides this, the material they are produced from is not that strong. MELFAB Engineering is committed to providing the best metals fabrication. Even more, using a regular shear instead of metal shears is not going to provide you with the appropriate cutting. First, the cutting is not going to be clean and second, the regular shear cannot be repeatedly used in metal cutting as it wears off quite fast.
  • As well, the metal shears are specially engineered presenting different models and sizes. There are hand-held tools and large models for bench or floor mounting. You can find electric or pneumatic metal shears presenting you with different working options. These special shears provide increased power and strength so you are able to cut thicker metals. Another type of metal shear is the guillotine model that you can use to cut thick metal sheets. As well, for cutting thin metal sheets, you can always use the hand-held metal shears, as there is no need of excessive power.
  • For any other projects such as cutting metal thick rods is, you should use bench-mounted pneumatic or electric metal shears. Some of these offer a programmable mechanism that presents great features. These metal shears are using for metal shearing either blades or laser. Laser uses heat melting the metal, thing that always provides clean cuts. These programmable metal shears are of great use as they present high technologies being operated from computerized panels. The operators are able to see on the screen the cutting they perform. At the same time, they are able to provide the metal with various and always even cuts.
  • These types of shears are also divided into two groups, throat-less and throated shears. The throated metal shear is able to only cut specific sizes, while the throat-less metal shear can be used to cut any items of different sizes. The difference is actually provided by the design presented by these metal shears. Some of the metal cutting shears are specially made to provide different curved or angled cuts while others ensure straight lines. Many of these shears are also rated to specific thicknesses. As a result, for any heavy-duty works, you should only use the most durable and strongest tools: the floor-mounted ones.

All these units are successfully used in different industries. As well, they are great for manufacturing shops executing manual projects. Many producers are using these specific shears to produce roofing panels, heating or siding, air conditioning or ventilation ducts. As well, these shears can also be utilized to perform different holes through perforation. The above-mentioned features actually explain why these tools are widely used providing at the same time sufficient reasons why you should also choose them.