Single Phase to Three Phase- What Does It Really Mean?

When we hear the words single- phase and three- phase, what come to your mind? It would probably relate to energy, electricity or electrical power. Yes. These pertain to methods of transmission, distribution of alternating-current of electric power. These two obviously have distinction from each other even though they are somewhat related. Single- phase power system is mostly used by smaller electrical power consumers such as homes and small business enterprises. On the other hand, three- phase power system is common on large businesses that run large machines for operations such as manufacturing industries.

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A single- phase power system only has a single phase. The electric power will flow in only one wire and there will be a neutral path, which can be called as the return path that would complete the flow or circuit. In this kind of power system, only a minimum amount of electrical power can be transmitted. However, in late 1880’s a three-phase power system was invented by Ferraris, Galileo, Mikhail Dolivo- Dobrovolsky, Jonas Wenstrom and Nikola Tesla. It is the most common method of electric power transfer used by electrical grids worldwide. It is used to give power to big motors and equipment. The three- phase power system uses fewer conductors to transmit electrical power that is why it is more economical than the single- phase system. Three conductors each carry an alternating current with equal voltage amplitude and frequency in relation to a common reference. These three phases are the ones which will be sent together from the generator to the load.
How do we convert a single- phase power system into a three- phase power system? With the use of a phase converter, it is possible to convert a single- phase power system into a three- phase power system or the other way around. Methods that exist to make a single- phase system run as a three- phase system would be generally classified as:
• Electronic phase converters- incoming power is reformed and the three- phase power is synthesized with electronics.
• Digital phase converters- makes use of an inverter and a rectifier to make a single voltage
• Rotary phase converters- two- motor aid with one motor creates a three- phase power and the other one driving the load on the produced power.
• Static phase converters- motor is run less than its full capacity on two of the legs of a three- phase system
To synthesize everything, a single- phase power system is distinct from a three- phase power system in terms of its capacity. However, it is possible to convert a single- phase power system into a three- phase power system with the use of a converter which can either be classified as electronic, digital, rotary and static. Most of the phase converters are used to aid their needs of a three- phase power system with the use of single- phase power systems. This converter if very useful in times when there is a need and absence of a three- phase power system. Read further..

The Costs Of Hiring A Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper helps you with so many things regarding managing your business. If you are in doubt with yourself, that would only mean that you need to a good assistance when it comes to taking care of your financial business status. Having a bookkeeper is handy with any business transactions this includes the use of a checkbook wherein most business owners handling the transaction by themselves commits the mistake of reconciling their bank accounts. Indeed, hiring a bookkeeper may costs you a little expensive because of their experiences of expertise.

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Hiring a bookkeeper help, you step up with the toughest decisions that you will ever make that comes with the best moves of your finances. If you are about to hire a bookkeeper, here are the following things that you’ll need to consider first before pursuing.


  1. Setting a time for the interview and a time to hire- looking for a bookkeeper may take you a lot of effort just for you to hire a good employee. Keep in mind that there are hundreds to thousands of people whose expertise may not fit for your business or may nor fit for you. It is important that you’ll need to spend collecting details and information of those who are applying for the position. Set your standards as to what particular bookkeeper are you aiming to fill in your business.


  1. Have a bookkeeping system and meet the bookkeeper- most newly hired bookkeepers always have a record keeping book for them to be systematic when it comes to work. Train your bookkeeper in such a way that he or she will be comfortable with the kind of system that you have in your company. See also monthly accounting.


  1. Fees- it depends on how the payment goes in giving off salary to your bookkeeper. Allow a good rate for your bookkeeper would cost his expertise, but if not, you can always implement your choice of paying your bookkeeper.


  1. the software- if you solely focus on the accounting’s software, there are some bookkeepers who are not used to with the type of system that it has, so if you want it for your bookkeeper to maximize, make sure that he or she trained.


Budget wise it is essential of course that you have the money to pay for a skilled bookkeeper. Some of them may be costly but the experience is shaky, and some are too expensive but guarantee a good job work done.

How to Find Property Location

Finding a location is not always an easy task especially if you are still doubtful or undecided on what it is that you really like and dislike. When you are looking for a property location, a lot of people would actually tell you that there are a lot of locations you can choose from however there are also things that you needed to consider before deciding and finalizing the location that you will be able to choose like for example you need to see or check the surroundings of the location if it has accessibility issues or convenience and other stuff to make someone to feel that the location is safe enough to stay.


So when you are finding a location for your property then you need to know the things like if you will put yourself into the situation of your customers or clients, like what is there in that location that makes you decide to stay and invest a property in that particular questions. Basically, finding a property location needs you to ask yourself a series of questions that will actually be able to help you decide where on earth you would be putting up your property.

Now, one of the series of questions that you need to ask yourself is why, like most especially if you already found a potential place that you suits your taste, then you also need to ask why because even if you like the place, why would your customers or clients would like to stay in that particular location. Usually, if your property is going to be a residential property then mostly, accessibility and convenience should be there since in the first place, if the 2 factors mentioned would not be present in the location that you chose, then why would they like to stay there.

Therefore, when you are still currently finding a location for your property then you need to prepare for it, like you need to put yourself in your customers shoes, like you act and think as if your own customer, so you need to ask yourself a series of questions what are the thing that you can benefit if you will stay in that particular location, why would you want to stay there personally and as an average customer, and also you need to consider the safety concerns if the area that you have chosen is somewhat isolated or kind of away from the busy city scenes. To know more log in to

5 Things Every DJ Should Have

Having much interest with music and mixing is gainiing popularity. If you are this kind of person, then you can consider being a disc jockey. Most disc jockeys apply and get hired in a studio. They work in shifts. However, there are also some people who make it more of a hobby and do freelance work. They go to events and make the people enjoy the party by playing great music and mixing it as well.


If you have decided to become a DJ, it is not just the interest that should be there. It is also important to have the equipment to make your work a lot easier. Let us look into the most common DJ equipment and their functions.

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The first equipment that you should have is a player where you can of course play the music. DJing has evolved through time. Before, the usage of the vinyl player was always very popular. This has been the traditional way to bring out very good music. The second type of player is the CD player which is digital. A lot of DJs choose a table top player where the there are two CD players and in the middle there is a mixer. The second must have piece of equipment for DJs is the mixer. From the word itself, it is a tool which helps in mixing two or more music sources together. A DJ can even manipulate the frequencies together. The next important tool that DJs should have is headphones. The headphones are being used to listen to music mixes. He listens to the music first, then he adjusts and controls its frequencies before he plays it live. A lot of people have observed a lot of DJs using only one part of the headphone. The reason for this is the fact that he listens to the one he is about to play and also the one that is currently playing to see if they match. The fourth thing that you should have when you decide to be a DJ is the different protective bags. If you consider this as your career, you will have to travel to different places or parts of your country. Make sure that all your equipment is safely stored inside a protective case to ensure that your work will still be good. Lastly, you need to have some tables to make sure that your equipment are safe. Some DJs are not comfortable if it is not their DJ table. Moreover, you should also purchase lighting effects to make the audience’s experience a great one. See also Craig Francis Music


In summary, having considered being a disc jockey, you should have the different equipment to make your career better.

Helpful Tips When Buying Linen Products

If you are in need of some Linen products at home, you want to see to it that you get the ones that would be worth the purchase. Despite the fact that you have plenty of choices to select from, you have to remember that making a choice itself can be quite a challenge when you are faced with so many options along the way. Identifying your needs and then buying the kind that would truly meet these needs very well will be very important.

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Most people would require these kinds of products for their bedroom. This is not surprising since these are fabrics that are very suitable for the kind of environment and atmosphere that people would want to create as far as their sleeping chambers go. A good investment is fabrics that are comfortable and durable. You want to your money to last for many years to come. So, pay close attention to the things that will make a choice a good one.


The material that your sheets are made of will matter a lot. Of course, you have to remember that it is all a matter of personal preference. However, it is a given that if you are ever going to choose a material, it has to be something that will provide you the most comfort when you lie on your bed. It should also be a choice that will be expected to last for a long time. Durability and comfort are two very crucial factors that should never be overlooked when purchasing these products.


Your budget matters too. You need to know how much money you can really afford to spend to get these items bought and purchased from the stores. Pay close attention to what you can conveniently pay for. You would not want to overspend. But at the same time, you want to set a budget that is just right that you are sure about it being enough to get you a choice that would not be subpar in quality. Also, setting a budget allows you to narrow down your choices to only include options that are within your paying range.


Since you will have several choices to select for, it is highly encouraged that you pay close attention to these choices before making up your mind. You need to remember that this is not a choice that you would want to rush, the comfort and the ease in which you will be sending your sleeping hours will depend a lot on the choices that you will decide to pick. So, you gave to be very particular of the decision you are making by really reviewing all these options that you have.


Once you have made your choice, remember that proper care is crucial in order for these items to last for a long time. You cannot expect these linens to last for very long when you are not even taking appropriate steps to really look after them and keep them well-cared for. Follow the instructions of the manufacturers as far as care and maintenance go. This way, you are confident that you can truly maximize the overall lifespan of the materials that you will decide to pick. Read further

How to make yourself more valuable when competing for a role?

With nearly hundreds of actors with multiple levels of experience compete for the same role, it can be an uncomfortable experience that may also cause you to question your goals as an actor. Many might argue that competition in the entertainment industry is a fundamental part of success. Granted, these hardships and elements are what drive us to create a source of motivation for ourselves.

Here’s how to make yourself more valuable when competing for a role.

Create Your Own Material


Actors who have received many parts gained the interest of their producers by creating their own content. Produce your own music, play, stand-up comedy, perform a skit, make YouTube videos, create a web series, etc. all of which have helped actors achieve success by creating a secure platform for themselves.

Attend Drama School


While many actors were successful without attending drama school, having proper training will add more value to your acting schools and help convince directors that you’ve had enough training. Keep in mind that there are nearly six establishments that offer quality training, including RADA, Central, and Lamda to name a few.

Get an Agent


A great agent will advertise you as an actor. You will still have to audition for an agent the same way as you would at an audition. Keep in mind that agents receive tons of applications, so you must pass the initial scrutiny and make yourself stand out from the crown.

Pitch Yourself


Casting directors want to see actors that are fit the part. Keep in mind that pitching yourself for a role means you must be right for it from the start. This is often the scariest option but could be worth your while.

Believe it or not – show business is a tiny industry. If you plan to audition for a role that you are surely not right for, you will waste both yours and the producer’s time.

Three tips on promoting your personal brand online

Looking to build a personal brand? Using online platforms is an excellent way to develop an online identity and establish a reputation that will help you stand out in your industry.

Here are three tips on promoting your personal brand online.

Define Your Target Audience

The best practice to building your personal brand online is to identify your target audience. Establish empathy with your target audience and identify how you would gain interest and solve their problems. The best way is to experience this in person, blog comments and social media. Before you can build your brand, you will need to know who the name is meant to attract. With a simple focus, you can improve traffic and add more sources – ultimately improving results.

Build Up Your Online Assets

Building a personal brand online requires you to communicate your brand to your target audience. Build assets like your own blog or website along with social media accounts. Keep regular Facebook updates and feature unique blog posts. Use unique names to help you stand out.

Get Free Press Coverage

Gaining press coverage can help establish you as an authority. Check out the current trends to see what is happening and find a connection between the topic and your expertise. Make your pitch as an expert and display a different opinion than the common thought. Do a free seminar or write an article for a magazine, just stay creative.

When it comes to promoting your personal brand online, create your profile on multiple platforms and stick with a consistent look. Make your impact and get involved with conversation in social media. Being active will help you gain exposure and claim authority in your niche.

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6 reasons why only a few actors are paid millions per year

While many of us dream of becoming movie stars grossing at nearly million of dollars each year, in reality, that’s far the average actor. In fact, most film actors still struggle to pay their bills as thy go through long periods of unemployment. Many even take non-acting jobs just to pay rent.

Here are six reasons why only a few actors are paid millions per year.


Take Tom Cruise for instance. Studios believe they’ll earn more money with him than without him. This provides the opportunity to ask for more as he is one of the top actors in demand. If he asks to pay 90 million dollars, the studio thinks if they give him want he wants, they will gain about 500 million in profit.

They’re in Demand

Despite how terrible a film may be people will also watch a movie with their favorite stars. Once the audience doesn’t find them as attractive as they once were, the money started to decrease or stop entirely.

Depends on the profit of the show or money

Even TV actors may earn close to the top movie stars. The rationale is that the show is generating a ton of views which means more money. This allows actors to demand more as those starring in the TV hit series The Big Bang Theory or Friends have asked for nearly $1 million per episode.

Great Appearances

Let’s face it – most, if not all top highest paid actors are generally good looking. Due to their talent and good looks, they were able to sell millions in ticket sells and generate income.

The Salary doesn’t just go to the actor

If say, Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr. earns 100 million dollars for a single film, that’s not the salary for just the actor. It is rather separated within the production company of the actor. For most high paid movie stars, their team usually includes nearly 100 people that make up the brand. From managers, publicists, trainers, attorneys, assistances, security, etc. the whole team is involved. Actors like Tom Cruise have a diversified portfolio that is used to maximize on his investment.

They’re highly recognized

Most people only see films because they recognize their faces and name. Because of this, those recognizable faces are paid higher as they will surely big in more profit than a no-name actor.

The average successful actor earns an estimated amount of $48,000 a year in the United States. Just like every other employee, one’s salary is based on what someone is willing to pay them.