6 reasons why only a few actors are paid millions per year

While many of us dream of becoming movie stars grossing at nearly million of dollars each year, in reality, that’s far the average actor. In fact, most film actors still struggle to pay their bills as thy go through long periods of unemployment. Many even take non-acting jobs just to pay rent.

Here are six reasons why only a few actors are paid millions per year.


Take Tom Cruise for instance. Studios believe they’ll earn more money with him than without him. This provides the opportunity to ask for more as he is one of the top actors in demand. If he asks to pay 90 million dollars, the studio thinks if they give him want he wants, they will gain about 500 million in profit.

They’re in Demand

Despite how terrible a film may be people will also watch a movie with their favorite stars. Once the audience doesn’t find them as attractive as they once were, the money started to decrease or stop entirely.

Depends on the profit of the show or money

Even TV actors may earn close to the top movie stars. The rationale is that the show is generating a ton of views which means more money. This allows actors to demand more as those starring in the TV hit series The Big Bang Theory or Friends have asked for nearly $1 million per episode.

Great Appearances

Let’s face it – most, if not all top highest paid actors are generally good looking. Due to their talent and good looks, they were able to sell millions in ticket sells and generate income.

The Salary doesn’t just go to the actor

If say, Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr. earns 100 million dollars for a single film, that’s not the salary for just the actor. It is rather separated within the production company of the actor. For most high paid movie stars, their team usually includes nearly 100 people that make up the brand. From managers, publicists, trainers, attorneys, assistances, security, etc. the whole team is involved. Actors like Tom Cruise have a diversified portfolio that is used to maximize on his investment.

They’re highly recognized

Most people only see films because they recognize their faces and name. Because of this, those recognizable faces are paid higher as they will surely big in more profit than a no-name actor.

The average successful actor earns an estimated amount of $48,000 a year in the United States. Just like every other employee, one’s salary is based on what someone is willing to pay them.