5 Things Every DJ Should Have

Having much interest with music and mixing is gainiing popularity. If you are this kind of person, then you can consider being a disc jockey. Most disc jockeys apply and get hired in a studio. They work in shifts. However, there are also some people who make it more of a hobby and do freelance work. They go to events and make the people enjoy the party by playing great music and mixing it as well.


If you have decided to become a DJ, it is not just the interest that should be there. It is also important to have the equipment to make your work a lot easier. Let us look into the most common DJ equipment and their functions.

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The first equipment that you should have is a player where you can of course play the music. DJing has evolved through time. Before, the usage of the vinyl player was always very popular. This has been the traditional way to bring out very good music. The second type of player is the CD player which is digital. A lot of DJs choose a table top player where the there are two CD players and in the middle there is a mixer. The second must have piece of equipment for DJs is the mixer. From the word itself, it is a tool which helps in mixing two or more music sources together. A DJ can even manipulate the frequencies together. The next important tool that DJs should have is headphones. The headphones are being used to listen to music mixes. He listens to the music first, then he adjusts and controls its frequencies before he plays it live. A lot of people have observed a lot of DJs using only one part of the headphone. The reason for this is the fact that he listens to the one he is about to play and also the one that is currently playing to see if they match. The fourth thing that you should have when you decide to be a DJ is the different protective bags. If you consider this as your career, you will have to travel to different places or parts of your country. Make sure that all your equipment is safely stored inside a protective case to ensure that your work will still be good. Lastly, you need to have some tables to make sure that your equipment are safe. Some DJs are not comfortable if it is not their DJ table. Moreover, you should also purchase lighting effects to make the audience’s experience a great one. See also Craig Francis Music


In summary, having considered being a disc jockey, you should have the different equipment to make your career better.

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